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Safe Assembly, VIVO, February 27, 2010                                                                     Presentation of documentations (videos and photographs).

The project involved participants to impose the personal by using household curtains (or light linen) changing momentarily the urban landscape producing poetic ephemeral gestures.

Bring your textile (video, photographs)
Intervention in downtown Vancouver, Canada, July 25, 2009.

OV Procession (video, photographs)
Performance/intervention,Vancouver, Canada, December 28. 2009.

March With Curtains (video, photographs)                              Performance/intervention,Vancouver, Canada, December 28. 2009.

Bring your curtain in Vancouver East downtown (video, photographs)                                      Intervention, Vancouver, Canada, January 24, 2010.

Bring your Curtain, Olympic Village (photographs)                                                            Intervention, Vancouver, Canada February 7, 2010.

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Friday, February 19, 2010
Centre A, Vancouver

A Masque Tea Party presents a window projection of street cover ups throughout Vancouver since 2008,  with Lois Klassen and a number of participants.

Music by special guests – Gyre (electro-acoustic, live processing, assorted objects), Saressa Gardner (singing, real-time processing, sampling) and Rafael Tsuchida (Theremin).

Masque tea is hosted by The World Tea Party, Bright Lights Festival, and Centre A, Vancouver.

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Cover up and to see through what is not visible performance Pierre A Sonolet 09 mod
Bring your textile
Intervention in downtown Vancouver, July 25, 2009.

Participants had brought their own semi-transparent household fabric, and unfold these fabrics together, creating visual and physical blockages.
The intervention was video taped and photographed to be also presented in New York for “Pan-demonium”.

“Pan-demonium” curated by Gill Whiteley for AC Institute [Direct Chapel] NY, (Sept. 03 to Oct. 10, 2009).

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Bring your pigment for lunch
Performance, front of the Olympic village, Vancouver, July 19, 2009.

Speaking won’t be necessary, but the act of throwing will be a form both of speaking resisting the inactivity of speech; acting out the will and drawing with food (organic pigment) can be an act of stepping outside of preconceived means of communication, to engage in a new way with a small group of people. The performance was video taped and photographed to be also presented in New York for “Pan-demonium”.

“Pan-demonium” currated by Gill Whiteley for AC Institute [Direct Chapel] NY, (Sept. 03 to Oct. 10, 2009).

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“I take pictures of what I will eat”
Hospitality, May 27, 2008, Cue Up (VIVO) World Tea Party with Bryan Mulvihill.

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Presentation of a new series of stills photographs involving architecture through fabric.
Hospitality April 29, 2008, Cue up (VIVO) with Greg Borowski architect.

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NewFormsFestival06 (Convergence of media art, electronic music and the exploration of culture). Sept 2006 TRANSFORMATIONS
My Belly:three-dimensional installation (2006).

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Muted (Sept. 2006) a multi-disciplinary installation exhibition curated by Julie Gendron produced by nine artists exploring the impact of censorship.
“On the white tablecloth” Installation, 2006.

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Color Photographs, (mix-media) Swarm 2005, collective exhibitions, at Studio 901

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In conjunction with LIVE Festival, Nov., 2005;
LIVE PROCESSION, an intervention made with the participation of the Disasteroids and the public in the downtown East side of Vancouver. White plastic water pipes were assembled to make an imposing line that was circulating trough the city.